About Us

Annotated Audrey Art is a paper goods and lifestyle brand in Tucson, Arizona. We specialize in creating stickers, art prints, cards and paper goods with Audrey De La Cruz's desert and nature-themed artwork. We also offer affordable one of a kind painted items, such as record paintings, wood slice signs, ornaments and more. We believe that art has the power to spread positivity and that art should be accessible to everyone. Our mission is to make artful and affordable products that inspire people to have fun, be kind and bring color into their lives. Follow Audrey on Instagram @annotatedaudrey for daily art updates, special releases or sales, thoughts about life in the desert and tips on how to spread kindness and positivity. 


Audrey De La Cruz

The Founder, Artist, Illustrator 

Hello! My name is Audrey De La Cruz, and I am the artist and illustrator behind Annotated Audrey Art. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, I moved to Tucson, Arizona in 2016. In my first year living in Tucson, I fell in love with its lush desert landscapes, strange creatures, and unique plant life. Unsurprisingly, my new surroundings quickly made their way into my art. My goal is to make art that creates joy and brings happiness to the people who encounter it. My trademark style combines rich colors, black outlines and bold patterns, which I often create using a variety of mediums and techniques ranging from acrylic painting to digital illustration. I strive to make art that people of all ages can enjoy because I firmly believe that art is for everyone.

To find out more about me, follow me on Instagram @annotatedaudrey where I share about my art, my business and my perspective on life.



Larry Andrade

The Graphic Designer, Creative Services Lead 

Hi! My name is Larry, I am the graphic/pre-press designer and printer at Annotated Audrey Art. My job is to take Audrey’s designs and turn them into the variety of products that we offer in our shop. Like Audrey, I was born and raised in the Los Angeles area, but I went to school at The University of Arizona. While I was in school, I was able to experience the rich arts community of Tucson, AZ. This experience is what put Tucson on our radar as a place to live and pursue this new lifestyle.

I don't post on social media very often, but you can find me on Instagram @designannotations.




Loki Magic Cute Dog

Loki Magic

Lovable Mascot 

Hiya! I'm Loki Magic and I'm a rescue pup from the Pima Animal Care Center in Tucson, AZ. I'm the cutest team member at Annotated Audrey Art. My main job is to ensure that employees take cuddle breaks and go on nature walks.  I love naps, chew toys and exploring the great outdoors! 

You can find cute pictures of me on Instagram @loki_magic_doggie.






Thank you so much for supporting our small business and for allowing us to share our desert home with you.


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